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Turnover battle & Pass Rushers - We can beat anyone!!!


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Yes thats right if we had these 2 key components we could beat anyone and would be the top in our division right now.

1. Your chances to win a game when you win the turnover battle go up tremendously.

2. I don't care what Quarterback you have in the game, if you don't have a single pass rusher to go against him and you give him all day then he will eat you up eventually and will look great doing it.

Thats all we really need and that would make us a so much better team in the NFL!!!

I'm SICK!!!!!!!!! uhhhh call 911!!!!

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Anyone Agree???

I agree. This lack of a pass rush is killing me. I cant stand watching opposing qb's have 10 sec to throw the ball. Turnovers dont bother me THAT much. I want them to stop, but we seem to be able to stay in games even turning the ball over. But the pass rush has to happen. I dont care about sacks. Just get pressure please!!

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