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Chris Samuels vs. Simeon Rice


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Samuels can't block anybody. He's overrated and overpaid. Remember Jared Allen? How about the Giants RE?

You are off your rocker. Rice is legit. A lot has to do with our scheme and different plays we run. If we are in a passing situation and fast DE can make a play. Sammuels shut him down second half. The one when Rice caused the fumble it was a double team and got around Cooley not Sammuels. If anybody Dockery is the weak link on the D- line.

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It wasn't all Samuel's fault. One on play, Royal completely wiffed on Rice. Rice was by

him before he got out of his stance.

There were plays were the tackle would block down and the back or TE was suppose

to pick up Rice. Also, give Rice credit...he is a good pass rusher.

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