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How Should We Feel About the Giants Using Tragedy As Motivation?


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Now let me start off by saying that I understand fully well the emotional output from death and tragedy, especially in Mora's case a couple weeks ago. Still the Giants used Mora's death and now they use Robert Tisch's brain tumor to motivate and pump themselves up. I mean Im going to hold any judgement but is this okay? Is it ethical, or right even? I mean I dont know maybe its because they are a rival team but it just seems like they are looking for stuff to motivate themselves. I just dont like to see tragedy USED, thats all...if you get my meaning. :feedback:

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What the hell kind of post is this?

What do you mean is it ethical to allow tragedy to affect you in a positive manner?

Redskins fans should not be concerning themselves with what floats another team or orgnization's boat. Redskins Nation should be emersed in the Redskins. What should we think? Whatever we want, it makes no difference in the reality of the situation. If you yourself want to judge the Giants for allowing tragedy to become a positive motivational factor, go right ahead, to suggest that Redskins faithful adopt a set feeling on the matter is well, stupid.

As a Redskins' fan, I'm not trying to bust your hump, but it should be obvious that Washington has plenty to worry about besides the ethics of using tragedy as a postive motivation for work and life in general. And this is coming from somebody who minored in ethics and double majored in philosophy and political science.

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