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if u could invite any 3 people from history to dinner - oprah, alicia keyes, halle berry

of the 3, which is the hottest - alicia

what is your most embarassing movement - let my cousin talk me into throwing a rock at my mom's car after we got into a fight

favorite roadtrip? - when the U played Univ of Washington

which jennifer -- anniston, garner, lopez? - lopez

if you werent playing football what would you be - be in ben affleck's shoes

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If you could have 3 people at the dinner with you:

Alicia Keyes

Halle Berry

Oprah Winfre

What is your most embarassing moment:

busted out mothers car window.. with a rock.. then friends told on him.

Favorite road trip:

UM played University of Wash:...

Which Jennifer

Annistan, Garner, Lopez

He said Lopez before he got past Jennifer

If not Football: What he be doing

Trying to be in Ben Affleck shoes..

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