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My Saturday night


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Sorry, I have to share. I had a bachelor party to go to on Saturday night so I was sadly going to miss the game. My buddies, knowing how big a fan I am, were giving me a hard time about it all night. "Poor Hen, missing the game to see naked women" that sort of stuff. Anyway, we get to Good Guys, which anyone who's ever frequented strip clubs in DC (Not the I have or anything :silly: ) knows is a pretty nasty place. The sort of place where you might pick up some disease if you get to close to the dancers.

Of course they seat me right in front of one of the stages, and me the married guy who promised his wife not to enjoy any of this, orders my first drink when I notice a TV by the bar behind the stage. It's the game! My buddy sitting next to me notices and says "You must be in heaven. :)" So there I am, sitting in the front row at the strip club, leaning to see around the nekkid babes to watch a preseason game. When Samuels went down I let out this "D@mn it!"which scared the crap out of the guys sitting near me. I shudder to think what they thought I meant by that. :D

Anyway I got to watch the whole game (with hot naked babes to look at instead of commercials ... What a bonus), and finally they kicked me out for not ordering enough drinks, if I'm paying $6 for a Miller Light, I'm gonna to nurse the hell out of it. Besides, we had a keg in the bus. :pint:

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