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Have you ever eaten a Deep Fried Turkey???


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That's how we cook ours. They come out awesome! I usually buy some cajun butter marinade that you use with one of those injectors, squirt it all through the turkey, then rub Tony Cachere's cajun seasoning on the outside. Cook it in peanut oil. Man, I'm gettin' hungry. ;)

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Oh...fried turkey is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. The frying locks the juices in and OMG you've never had a juicier bird. You don't really need a recipe for it...just deep fry as-is and it will be amazing. Make sure you cook it long enough though...I've heard stories about people cutting into raw birds :puke:

:cheers: Hope you enjoy it!

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All I've heard about deep fried turkey is their propensity to start fires because of bad frying technique.

Do not overfill the fryer,allow room for the bird without sloshing oil out.

This combined with not drinking heavily will prevent most fires. :D

Dang good eating.

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Best way to prepare a turkey!! I do one for Christmas every year.

As Blondie mentioned, peanut oil is the way to go. I have never injected the turkeys I deep fry, instead, I rely on spicing for my flavor.

Here's a tip: Before you spice your turkey, rub it down good with your peanut oil. Helps the spices cling to the turkey better and not "wash" off when you submerge it in oil.

Here's what I spice with:

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Black Pepper

Natures Seasons(Mortons)

Be very very generous with all of them when spicing. Turkey comes out with a great taste.

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Funny deep fryer ad...

In a magazine they are advertising for a big turkey deep fryer (propane powered of course). They have it sitting right next to a swimming pool. Man, given the amount of turkey fryer accidents seems a bit crazy to sit one next to a pool, can just see the next 5 minutes...

"Okay Marge is that bird ready?"

"Yup, here is it. Isn't there sure a lot of oil in that fryer?"

"Naw, it'll be just fine, done this a million times. You are looking at the turkey fryer expert.'

Drops turkey into oil, oil overflows, oil catches on fire, panic ensues...

"Crap, its burn'n up"

Thinks a bit to fast, kicks fryer into pool because the water will put it out...

Pool is now covered with burning oil, how very cool, neighbors are mighty impressed.


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