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Help me find a Heater for my Van!!!


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Hey guys & gals,

I need help. I am trying to find a good safe heater I can run in my work van (F150) at night. With my business equipment I have to antifreeze my machine every night and bring in small tools to my house so they don't freeze and break at night when it is below freezing. My chemicals freeze to. I need a heater that is safe, won't tip over at night and burn my van up in fire and doesn't run off of electric. I can't run out extension cords to the van. Help me out!!! Thanks...

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Try this one, I have the larger version and it works great. Rated safe for indoors, has an O2 sensor and a tip over sensor. Runs off of small propane cylinders or large ones. FOr safety electric would be the way to go, just kinda scary leaving a flammable heater in a van.


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