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Turnover Battle will Win the Tampa Game!!!


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I am seeing a good amount of people thinking that we are going to win this game easy. I don't think so! Just because we killed the 49ers and tampa lost to them means nothing.

We are in there house, which helps them. Great Defense against our good offense, which I don't think they have seen our type of offense except for last week with Carolina. Brunell needs to be on his game for this one and avoid the pressure because there will be some coming.

What really wins this game will be whoever wins the turnover battle. The turnovers will give someone scoring oppurtunities, good field position and time management for the Offense while wearing down the opposing Defense. We need to win the turnover battle in this game so we can wear down the Pucs Defense!!!


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Turnovers man is the name of the game. Which makes it even more impressive that we are 5-3 against the competition we have played and yet -9 on the turnover ratio. Honestly the media is not talking about this stat as much as they should. It shows that if the Redskins get their act together they will be a very difficult team to beat.

The intersting fact is that the skins have created turnovers but haven't been able to recover the ball...law of averages says this will even out.

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