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Royal TE - Tucker RG


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I didn't see the game, but reading comments on the chat spoke volumes about Royal's play in the 4th quarter. Did he look good there, or were people just excited that we moved the ball down to the 3 so fast?

I've also read some posts from some who watched the game that Tucker looked pretty good. That would be a nice surprise if true. Any observations there?

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I'm beginning to suspect that the combination of Jones' failure to dominate at OG, and Samuels' injury, and Jones' aptitude for tackle, mean that he's going to be a backup OG and OT for us. His versatility in that regard are very valuable for us.

I have no problem with Vickers at LG as long as his weewee heals enough to get him reps there. Strength has never been his problem. Speed and footwork adjusting to outside rushers at LT were. He should be fine.

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