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Gas Price Check: What did you pay per gallon this week?


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Honestly Nothing to fill her up twice this week.

Price drop could be because of the end of summer and holiday driving as well as hurricane season ending.

I would like to see the oil companies fight back and say allow more drilling offshore in Alaska as well as more refineries instead of restricting our business.

Point out how there is a 55 cent per gallon here and 65 cent per gallon tax in New York for gas so if gas could drop to a 1.25 who is expected to take a cut the people actually providing the fuel or the legalized mob on the hill.

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$2.56 in Ventura, Ca as well.

$2.56 in CA...

Someone explain this:

1) Why was CA lower than the rest of the country when the gas prices spiked?

2) How come now that everything is "back to normal" we don't drop down to $2.00 like the rest of the country?

Always wondered this, too. Oil wells all over the place, as well as right off the coast :doh: .

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