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What's up! Just found out about this site at Redskins.com and thought I might post something about myself real quick before I go puttin my two cents in all of your threads.

Started watching Redskins football in the strike-shortened '82 season. So, I admit, I started as a bandwagoneer (though not the trademarked Kornheiser version- that wasn't constructed until '91). I'm also not afraid to admit that I shed a few tears when Marcus Allen ran all over us in the SB next year (Hey, I was 8) . BUT, like many of you, I HAVE ENDURED since '92. BTW, big props to all you fans of the team under 20! You've pretty much endured nothing but tough times...here's hoping better days are ahead of us.

My favorite players are represented in the screen name in order of reverence. 28 is my favorite professional athlete ever, period.

I usually don't go for sites like this because I'm not a big fan of the homer logic that generally infuses team-specific message boards, but after looking around, I must admit that I'm impressed with the depth of knowledge of most of the posters on this site (and restraint - that's what the Norv Turner years can do to a man, I guess). So looking forward to chatting with all of you - starting tomorrow, though... have to get up early...

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