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Can we "hang on" in the second half?


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Why do the Redskins have such a problem hanging on to the football? One thing I figured we would see with Gibbs return is fewer penalties and turnovers that have killed us in the past. Unfortunately that wasn't the case last year. In low-scoring defensive battles, a turnover and resulting TD by the opponent was often the difference in the game. Even with the anemic offense, our defense was so good last year that just eliminating the turnovers would have gotten us into the playoffs.

This year it's clear that Gibbs has this team moving in the right direction overall. And Brunell is doing a good job of avoiding INT's. But one area that they remain terrible in is fumbling the football. It cost them the KC game. I think they fumbled about 6 times against Philly including both trips to the endzone, luckily the first one happened an instant after the ball crossed the goal line and the second was recovered to give Portis the chance to run it in on the next play.

If they keep doing this the odds will catch up to them. Other teams don't scare me - the Redskins have to tools to beat anybody. But can they avoid beating themselves in the second half?

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IMO the fumbles are caused by guys trying to do too much. if you have watched the games since the beginning of the year, everyone has done a good job holding onto the football...its just when the players try to get that extra yard or 2 that the ball pops out.

example - chris cooley did a great job covering the ball with 2 hands all game long last week, but when he made a catch inside the 5, he smelled the endzone and instead of going down he fought his way closer and became a target for dawkins (i think it was dawkins...), his helmet hit the ball and it flew out...anyone would have fumbled that...

i wouldnt worry about it.

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