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Where is the team compared to your exectations before the season?  

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  1. 1. Where is the team compared to your exectations before the season?

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I've noticed that, since his years as a Jaguar, Mark Brunell has changed his style at QB q bit. He seems a little more frenetic - quicker to look at each of his receivers than he was in the past. One interesting change is his foot movement in the pocket. He likes to drop back and set his feet a few times before throwing a pass. In Jacksonville, he would do this every now and then, but not before every pass.

It seems to be helping his passing game. I didn't get to see any of the Redskins games last year (not that I took the time to find clips back then, given the Skins record), and only really became a bona-fide skins fan this year after reading a few stories about Brunell on the Times and the Post during the offseason about his friendship with Ramsey. The only passing clips I could find of Brunell last year was the hilarious 2004 Offense clip with the circus music looping throughout.

I was wondering - what differences in Brunell's passing this season do you, as true Redskin fans who stuck by the team last year, notice in comparision with his behavior in the pocket this year. Whatever he is doing, it is working great minus that anomaly called the Giants game, but I'd just like to get your thoughts on the changes in his passing game that you all think are making the difference.

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Well, first of all I would like to say welcome to one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in all of professional football. :)

As for Brunell, obviously his injury last season to his hamstring limited his abilities. But I honestly feel as though it all started in Dallas. Our team was capable of so much more than they were accomplishing, but they didn't realize it until after Brunell and Moss hooked up for those 2 game winning TD passes. Then you noticed Sean Taylor put up his first big hit of the season the very next Dallas posession to save the game.

Ever since then, I've noticed a lot more passion from the players given each of their respectives roles on the team.

So I think that it isn't so much that Mark just happened to become amazing all of the sudden. I truely believe that the team as a whole just finally got the confidence in themselves to do what we all knew they could do all along.

Hope this helps.

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The main reson is his improves health. His leg injury really negatively affected his throwing style and ability to scramble. If you picked up those footing differences between his Jacksonville days, and this year, I would think that setting his feet would be a major improvement for any QB. He really is throwing some accurate balls with a lot of zip on them. Maybe that relates to setting his feet better.

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ya he does look great and is even better in the pocket now...only thing is ive seen some times where he should have scrambled and could have picked up a few yards...unfortunately the one time i was truly mad at brunell was in the denver game on the two pt. conversion play he had so much room and coulda easily had it but rifled it into the endzone instead to be tipped away cuz it was too crowded but we shoulda won that one anyway there were a lotta mistakes by the D and the refs in that one

and ya nine dropped passes do hurt in a game...........

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