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NFL Playoff picture?


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Ok well thanks for, that small insight of things....if we make the playoffs i hope we get the bears hehehehhehe....anyway i hop that guy wasnt serious about "playoffs?were talking about playoffs?!?!"

I guess I don't know what you are asking in the initial post...

Are you wondering who we would match up with if the playoffs were to begin based on the current standings?

Beyond that, there are so many variables that it's not even worth discussing this far out...they don't usually start tracking what needs to happen for what until about week 12 or 13. At this point, almost every team controls its own destiny.

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is it possible for two teams from the same division make the wildcard? basically can 3 teams from 1 divison go to the playoffs?

Yes. As long as the 2nd and 3rd place teams in that division have better records than all other non division winners in the conference.

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