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Giants top 5 in the NFL?


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Tom Jackson, Jaws, and Irvin all said the Giants were in the top 5 in the NFL tonight.

I really don't think so. I realize you are suppose to beat bad teams and you don't apologize for your scheduel but I think they had a pretty favorable scheduel the first half of the season and the 2nd half will be much tougher.

4 of their 6 wins came against the Cardinals, the (S)aints, the Rams, and the 49ers. The wins over us and the Broncos were good wins and i'm not saying the Giants aren't good but top 5 in the NFL, I don't think so.

their 2nd half road games: Seahawks, Eagles Redskins, Raiders.

their 2nd half home games: Vikings, Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs.

If the Skins take care of business, that meaing beating the teams we are suppose to beat like the Giants did, we will be in good shape.

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