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Toughest 3 games


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Alot of people are predicting us 5-3 for the second half of the season. I was wondering which 3 games remaining worry you the most?

I say

1. San diego

I just have a bad feeling well let LT have to many big plays. Also with their dissapointing record so far they will be looking to rebound.

2. NY Giants

They owned us. Even if it was a fluke it has to be in the players minds.

3. Dallas

They will be looking for revenge, and have improved since the last time we played them. Dont forget the first 56 minutes of that game.

Other tough games include: Tampa Bay, raiders (moss), and maybe philly if they improve.

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Philly scares you more then SD? Home or not, philly isnt the same team.

Yes, because I remeber when the Cowboys only win of the season was against us. When it comes to your own division those games are always the hardest especially on the road. Plus Philly's D held LT to less than 10 yards. I think we can beat SD.

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Home VS Chargers - LT scares me! (thank god he is on my fantasy team)

Home VS Cowboys - They are always difficult to play.

Home VS Giants - They OWNED us and chances are it will be fo r the division lead.

Since they are all home games, our crowd will give us an edge and we should have a slight advantage.

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All our division games will be tough fought. It will a coin flip actually. I think we will be most pumped up for the Giants because we were embarrassed. Since when has Dallas ever played us soft???

San Diego is one of the most underrated teams in football. They can score and LT can rip our ass if we do not stop the run.

Preparation and focus week in and week out will be the barometer for the rest of the season. And this is where Joe Gibbs is at his best. He never underestimates any competition in this league and gives each team the respect they deserve.

I like our team this year and I like our chances.

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Right now I am worried about the Buc's.

Next week I can worry about Oakland.

There are no games remaining that I not worried about.

I am pleased about beating Dallas and Philly that's a good start.

If this team can continue to improve we can do some damage, baby steps people.

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1. Chargers

2. Eagles in Philly

3. Bucs in Tampa

We will beat the Cowboys at home. FedEx will be rocking. We will not let the Pokes win in our house.

We will crush the Giants. They are in for a major payback. Our fans will harass them all afternoon.

With our record at home it's tough on any opposing team playing at FedEx.

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Honestly, you have to look at the situations each game entails. First, San Diego and Oakland are not a large concern because they have to travel from the west coast and neither Norv or Marty will be in great shape playing against their old team. Tampa is on a downward spiral and we are lucky to be catching them at this point in the season. So what's left? St. Louis is going to be tough. They have actually gotten better with martz gone and vitt realizing jackson is a great RB. Combine that with our average run defense and poor road record there could be trouble. Giants because they humiliated us in a game that was supposed to "show who the powerhouse of the East" is. After that, the Tuna has always had Gibbs' number. We pulled that monday night win out of our 'you know what' and I doubt Dallas will fold like that again. I just hope we're already in the playoffs before new year's day in philly. In conclusion......

1. Giants

2. Dallas

3. St. Louis

If we can win two of those three, and only lose one more (maybe philly, maybe SD, who knows, maybe Arizona) we'll be 11-5 and in the playoffs. Should I call coach Gibbs and tell him my formula?

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1-Dallas will be tough because of their defense.

2-Giants always wake up too play us tough no matter what kind of season they're having.

3-San Diego with LT will be tough too. Especially if our D-line is still banged up.

What I like about the last three against division rivals is that we're home for those. Right now we're 4-0 at home. I like our chances down the stretch!!!:cheers:

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The final game at Philly is the only tough game left. At 12-3, we'll have the NFC-East locked up and a first-round bye, we'll just be looking for HFA.

I disagree. I think Tampa this week will be a very tough game. We are coming off a big home win. Tampa is coming off a home loss. Not many teams lose two home games in a row. They will be fired up.

I just hope we can match their intensity.


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