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Possible Genesis Reunion?


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>>>Phil Collins says Genesis reunion is 'a possibility'

JERUSALEM (AP) — Phil Collins says he's open to the idea of a Genesis reunion.

Nothing has been announced, but the 54-year-old British singer, who is touring the Middle East, says: "There's a possibility. I'm open for it."

"If it doesn't happen, it won't be because we don't want to. It will just be because there are too many things in the way," he said Sunday. "I'm happy to sit behind the drum kit and let Peter (Gabriel) be the singer, but if it happens, I'll be there."

Genesis formed in 1967, performing for more than 30 years before disbanding in 1998. Collins fronted the band after lead singer Gabriel left in 1975 to pursue a solo career.

Collins went solo in 1996.

"We're all still good friends. We spent like 30 or 25 years of our life in the same office," Collins said. "Just because we don't play in the same band anymore doesn't mean we don't see each other and enjoy each other's company."


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I think it's the type of 'nice' answer a musician gives when what he'd really like to be saying is, "leave it. Genesis is dead. I am old and tired and want to play golf".

On other interviews he actually said that this is his last tour and that he wants to spend his time being a family man. A friend of mine said he looked pretty "tired" at the concert last night, not the feisty '81 Face Value Phil...

(Although he did play a wonderful "In the Air Tonight")

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Phil Collins has become too "Disney-fied" to really have an effective Genesis reuinion tour... ;)

As much as I think they're better with Peter Gabriel and Peter Gabriel is better with them, it's probably best left undone. Everything they have done without him (except maybe Duke) sounds like it could basically be a Phil Collins solo album.

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I wouldn't count Phil Collins out (both my father's and brother's name :) ) he can still beat the crap out of the drums and has a strong voice. I believe he'd do it.

It would probably be Peter Gabriel that didn't go along. I saw Genisis in 1975 (with Collins and Gabriel) on the GU football field. They were wearing white sheets, and sounded different. Kinda anticlimactic after the J. Geils Band had played.

The new Gabriel DVD "Growing Up Live" http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=294255

is very cool. filmed in the round, Milan Italy 2002 world tour. During one song, Gabriel rides a bicycle around the stage while singing, he almost nails the bass player.

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Everything they have done without him (except maybe Duke) sounds like it could basically be a Phil Collins solo album.

Still, Second Home by the Sea is one of my all-time favorites.

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I cringe every time Peter Gabriel's 'sledgehammer' comes on the radio. Buy a lyric Peter... we f'ing get it. Sledgehammer... we know. :rolleyes:

As for genesis and phil collins... the music is strikingly ordinary. Custom made to be played on elevators everywhere. Music that is offensive to nobody... :snore:

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