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This whole TO situation...


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It doesn't bother me if another team writes us off as only winning because of this or that, but some how in reality, I doubt that Gruden or any other NFL head coach is doing that.

...All I know is in the past when we had players out due to injury or got screwed on a bad call, the excuse or reasons didn't matter in regards to the win.

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I'm just as fed up with the T.O. situation as the next person.

However, how about T.O. in burgandy and gold?

I know a lot of people wouldn't even consider it and I'll probably get grief for this comment.....but so what!

We sure could use a big gifted wideout to compliment Moss.

Aside from Moss we have no other receiver even close. God forbid Moss goes down with an injury.

"Just win baby"

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