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Redskins Strength of Schedule (WoW)


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First half:

Team(Opp Combined Record)

1) Redskins (39-25)

2) Philly (36-28)

3) Dallass (33-32)

4) Rams (32-33)

5) Seattle (30-34)

6) Giants (31-35)

7) Bears (28-38)

8) Falcons (27-37)

9) Tampa (21-41)

10) Carolina (18-41)

Remaining games:

Team(Opp Combined Record)

1) Dallass (39-25)

2) Tampa (36-29)

3) Giants (35-29)

4) Philly (35-29)

5) Redskins (34-29)

6) Carolina (34-31)

7) Atlanta (33-32)

8) Chicago (30-34)

9) Seattle (28-36)

10) Rams (28-36)

We had the toughest 1st half of the season schedule in the NFC. To come out 5-3 and being 2-1 in the division, and 4-0 at home is outstanding.

Come playoff time the Skins will have seen everything that most of the good teams have thrown at them. I feel good about our chances of getting at least 5 more W's for a 10-6 record.


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Seattle (30-34)

Giants (31-35)

Bears (28-38)

Falcons (27-37)

Tampa (21-41)

Carolina (18-41)

all of these teams have over .500 records, and the media is praising them. None of them have a op. record of above .500. No wonder they are playing so dang good. Our record was the hardest and we are 5-3. Amazing. Some of these teams are going to be in for a suprise when the hard second half of the season schedule hits them in the face.

Like these two

Tampa (36-29)

Giants (35-29)

but probably not these teams who have similar 1st half season schedules which was pretty easy

Carolina (34-31)

Atlanta (33-32)

Chicago (30-34)

Seattle (28-36)

i think seattle will finish with one of the best records in the nfl. Carolina will continue to produce, but Chicago and Atlanta might have a little bit of trouble in the end.

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