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Gibbs Press Conference @ 4:45


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Little review of game:

Offensively= Negatives = Turnover, and putting ball on the ground 3 other times. Need to protect the ball better. 3 sacks. 1 Penalty and 1 Questionable which we turned into league. Bunch of time off clock late in the game. Physical approach much improved. Really backed up 2 times and brought it out of there. Good hustle, Samuels, Dockery, game ball to all trainers hehe as we had tons of players hurt last week. 5 of which came back and played for us.

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Defensively: Played very physical, Good against run. 2 Very timely sacks. Big Play by ryan clark on defense. Negatives: Busted coverage led to TD, missed tackles on two big plays, 4 explosive passes only 1 of which they scored on. Lots of injuries last week, bounced back 10 or so.

ST: Negatives- Poor early start punting and kickoffs, had ball on the ground once, 2nd half eventually got going kicking/punting. Derrick hang times 4.8, 4.7, 5 in 2nd half. Kickoff return was big by ladell. avg return of 28.7, fgs very good.

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CP gets a game ball for what he did without the ball, ie that tackle he made among other things. Not a individual game lots of guys did great. Heroic efforts. I like our attitude, lot of fight to us with exception of giants game. Very competitive

Question: Monumental win?

Gibbs: Loss there we would have been against the wall. Wound up 5-3 for first portion and one divisional and nfc lost puts us in a good position. TB looks good on film. Same records matched against a good nfc team. Could come downs towards end of year matching with them. Earlier in the year we felt that bears game would be big look where they are sitting now.

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Fans knew how important this game was. They meant a lot to us. I can feel it, as can the players. (YAH 12th man). We feel we are in a good position. Fighting for it.

Question: Did the team need this win to really believe due to recent years?

Gibbs: Two huge wins in Dallas and Philly. Bitter loss vs Giants, but the fact that we have 2-1 divisional record its definately good for team. Tough schedule so far and continues that way. To have 5 wins shows that we've done good against good opponents. Exciting for team and fans, bloodshot eyes and short night looking at film already. Big Lift for everyone

Question: To do it on heels of NYG loss?

Gibbs: If you asked both those teams they would say that was big deal, both coming off dissapointing losses. Very physical. We were trying some stuff there 1 yard 2 yard 3 yard on the run. Both teams layed it on the line.

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Question: Emotional after NY?

Gibbs: (Stop asking the same questions lol) Yep big game.

Question: Lavar captain?

Gibbs: I think that reflects his preparation as well as our coaches. Excellent. Playing great, we need playmakers and lavar is capable of doing that. From talking to him you can tell hes working really really hard making good plays.

Question: Owens?

Gibbs: Not my place to comment.

Question: Not specifics but just generalizing?

Gibbs: Not my place

Question: Fake spike there at end of half?

Gibbs: Gregg could prob say better, used to be hey they are going to take a knee. Then teams started faking it. Because of that i would say to everybody that defenses are approaching it differently, won't back off. Going after him. Fortunately for us we were going hard. Knock em out of there. Continues today.

Question: Did there appear to be miscommunication?

Gibbs: It seemed the qb and the wr were together but the line wasnt. not sure though. Designed play it appeared.

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Question: Couldn't watch the 4&4 at the end there, praying, etc?

Gibbs: For me whats going through my mind is that its in the players hands. Just wrapped up in how important that play is. Good gosh this better go our way. Your heart jumps to here. Tons of emotion, could go either way. Huge play was where we made a big run to ice the game, then holding was called. We are turning that play in. Hugely important.

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Question: What did you think of Vermiel?

Gibbs: Didn't really see it, saw quick glance. Reporter describes what happened.

Haha Dick's my hero. More guts than i have. Takes guts I'll tell you that.

Question: Robert Royal?

Gibbs: Injured, felt like he had high risk, so he sat. Cedric same deal.

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Khari Campell hurt neck

Question: Reading mark's stats, Consistent and mistake free

Gibbs: Very very stable and solid. Bought time running out of pocket, noticed one time that they were holding moss on wr screen so he didnt throw it. Good at feeling rush. Solid decision making.

Question: NYG taking Moss away, Eagles tried it too, what was the difference?

Gibbs: Giants game nothign seemed to go right. I dont know. We tried to go deep but they were solid there, except the PI penalty. Lot like a chess match

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Lots of unsung heros, ladell long run and return.

Question: Nether team got anything really big yardage wise

Gibbs: Physical teams good D, crack here crack there.

Question: Sellars

Gibbs: Did good job needs to hold onto the ball though, scared me there. Mike I gotta tell you we called on him a lot, got offensive award and ST award. Responded very well.

Question: Is he goaline muscle?

Gibbs: Yea i'm not sure how often we'll do it though with CP, but he earned it.

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Mike could catch ball downfield too. Royal = excellent athelete, great hands. Cooley mentioned as well. Using all of them for their talents.

Don't want to come into TB too happy as they just came off tough loss. Need to realize the importance.

Question: Griffen?

Gibbs: Going to do some running, You would have ot ask Bubba.

Question: Owens listed as out how did that change preparation

Gibbs: Didn't you always prepare lik ethey will play. Big stars will show up.

Gibbs: Andy reid has done a lot down there, great job. done more than i have recently, cant comment on how he handles TO. i'm sure he will make the best decision.

Question: Treating your fellow players?

Gibbs: Two rules 1) ?? I missed it 2) don't embarass the redskins


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