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Is B. Dawkins ok?.... lol

Drunken Master III

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watching B-Dawk get B-****ed was the best.

Its funny cuz you didnt see dawkins get up and do his flex routine after the play. He loves to get up and flex after making tackles...he runs around the field posing.

He got ****ed by Sellers and that was priceless. Teach that guy to flex...i wouldnt rather it happen to anyone else out there...except for maybe Me-O.

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Dawkins made several big hits yesterday. I was glad to see if recievers were going to catch the ball, they were going to get punished. Thats my attitude.

Thank you for your insight, and we take that as you agree that Dawkins was B#tched by a undrafted freight train.

Welcome to the new NFC EAST!

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