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First off: WOW; this is possibly the single most satisying win I've witnessed from the Skins this year. The Bear game could have been a blowout but it wasn't, the Dallas game was basically a loss with some nice plays at the end, the Seattle game was great, but we got lucky at the end, and the 49er game was the blowout of a terrible team. This one was the real Redskins.

Brunell was fabulous all night; he had the golden touch. Moss once again made all the right plays, Portis was great when he needed to be, and Cooley made some great catches despite his inability to hold on to the ball on several occasions.

The defense wasn't exactly air-tight, but it was very satisfactory. Arrington looked like his old self and the tackling was superb, especially compared to...well, you know.

I feel the offense held back quite a bit, as we could have run up the score on several occasions, but the safe way got us a win, so how can I complain?

Ultimately though, the ball just bounced our way all night. There were so many calls/penalties that could have changed the course of the game that went our way it was rediculous. It was as if the refs were overcompensating for all of the games they ruined for us. :doh:

Oh, and one more thing: though the commentary on ESPN during the game was a bit Eagles-favored, I found it extremely interesting, especially when that Eagles pass that was challenged in the 3rd was called back. :applause:


Bacon has said his peace. :)

Go Skins! :D

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I agree, the O seemed a little gun shy, but I have a feeling we start picking up momentum again, like we did the first 3 games of this season, Bru starts getting his feel back, and the playcalling starts getting smoother ... we are picking up steam boys ...

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