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Playoffs, What do you Mean playoffs?- Skins in thick of playoff race, Eagles drop


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Here's the current NFC Standings. It's probably not 100% correct, since so many teams have the same record but tonights win puts the Eagles at the bottom of the NFC playoff race. :) Also, I think if the playoffs were today; I think we would be the lowest wild card!

Overall, Division, Conference

*- Division leaders

1. *Giants: 6-2, 1-1, 5-1

2. *Falcons: 6-2, 1-0, 3-1

3. Panthers: 6-2, 1-1, 5-1

4. *Seahawks: 6-2, 3-0, 5-1

5. Skins: 5-3, 2-1, 5-1

6. *Bears: 5-3, 3-0, 4-1


7. Boys: 5-3, 2-1, 4-2

8. Bucs: 5-3, 0-1, 2-3

9. Rams: 4-4, 1-2, 2-3

10. Eagles: 4-4, 0-2, 1-3

Of course, it's a long way to go! Still- if we are to make the playoffs; tonights win will be pivotal. We are now entering the heart of the season when the contenders are revealed and pretenders are exposed! Are to be a contender or a pretender?

11/13/2005 at Tampa Bay 4:15pm

11/20/2005 Oakland 1:00pm

11/27/2005 San Diego 1:00pm

12/4/2005 at St. Louis 4:05pm

12/11/2005 at Arizona 4:05pm

12/18/2005 Dallas 1:00pm

12/24/2005 N.Y. Giants 1:00pm

1/1/2006 at Philadelphia 4:15pm

All Times Eastern

I think we go 5-3 and finish 10-6 and can make the playoffs as a wild card. Though it's possible 11 wins might be necessary to be safe!

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We will beat the Bucs, Raiders, Cardinals, and Rams. We will also win one of three divisional games especially since 2 of 3 are at home.

I pretty much agree with you- I think that next divisional win will be revenge against the Giants. I think the Boys will beat us at home in the rematch- though we are different team now. I don't think we will beat philly on Jan. 1.

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We are not going to lose to Phil's kid. 6-3

Revenge game against Norv for what he did to all of us. 7-3

SD probably a loss but they almost lost to the Jets! 7-4

Will not lose to an interim coach. 8-4

Cardinals are our b*tches. 9-4

Lose to Dallas. 9-5 (sweep is too much to hope for)

Vendetta game. 10-5

Cupcake Eagles, already out at this point, roll over. 11-5

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I think we win the next two (at TB and vs. Oak). SD and StL I see as close losses, then a win at Ari. I think we'll pay the Giants back for last week's debacle when we see them again. That's 9 wins. What makes or breaks us IMHO is the rematches with Dallas and Philly. I think we're in pretty good shape. :fingersx:

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Thanks Rdskns, was wondering about thie playoff standing. I realize it may not be perfect but good to see none the less.

Also find it hard to believe the Bears are 5-3. Worst 3-0 team ever my ass...

Now we will be called the worst 5-3 team in history? Can't wait to listen to the Tony Bruno show tomorrow (sports radio host who is an Eagles fan). :eaglesuck

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