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Give it up boyz!!!


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:eaglesuck Hey what can I say, way to go, showed heart showed pride, didn't make the big mistake late in the game. I do feel one position needs to learn how to tackle, and I think you know who I am talking about. Eagles did however bring it to the last minute, so tip your hat considering the situation they were in.

What about that BS holding call aginst raymer? Not only was he not holding, he was 15 yards from the play. That was a costly penalty, that almost let the come back. Could of would of should of finally went our way against these Eagles. Big Big Big win. Now we are 2-1 in the division tied with ny. That is why I was bumming about last week so much, because it was a key divisional game, that always seem to come back at the end of the season to determine home field advanage, and that is a huge advantage in this league. Way to go boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!

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