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End of the trolls...


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I don't know about ya'll, but I haven't seen or heard from a dallas fair-weather fan or skins hater since week 2. Now, it looks like its going to be the end of the eagle trolls as well. (I didn't even know there were giant trolls till last week) Bout time we got back at Philly, and its about time we get some respect.


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Now we just gotta beat the Giants again to get rid of the last remanents of their trolls

FedEx Field and Extremeskins.com are ours baby

Well we all know what we want for christmas on 24th SANTA BRING US A WIN!!!!

:point2sky HAIL TO THE REDSKINS :point2sky

:helmet: NICE WIN SKINS 17-10 :helmet: :eaglesuck

:logo: GO SKINS!!! :logo:

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