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Of idiots, morons and ignorance, ( a request)


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The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

Hey gang. We getting fired up for tonights game are we? Cool. Only problem it feels like it's about 3 days away from starting. Anyway. So here we are waiting for the game and hanging out in our favorite place talking about all kinds fo things, ( mostly T.O. of course). Soon though, come around game time, that will change. Blondie has the game thread going and when the game get's going so will the members on that thread. Then some player or another will drop a ball, trip over some grass, drink their gatorade wrong and next thing you know a debate breaks out and 5 threads are started inside of about 30 seconds about said mistake. Terms like idiot, moron, retard, and other such witty terms will then follow. And here's the thing. They won't be used to describe a player or coach, they'll be used to describe a fellow poster. Now before anyone throws one of those "oh yeah" type comments at someone else, keep in mind the above definition.

Think about it for second. Someone post something that you don't like. Could even be ignorant in its own right, but isn't it just as ignorant to reply in a manner that is equally "idiotic" or "moronic"? Oh I know all about the "call them as I see them" rebuttal and that demonstrates no small amount of bliss. So what say we try not to be too happy and take a breath before throwing some unimaginative names at each other. Not because it's against the rules, but because that's what us grown us are supposed to do. That and you'll save me, ( and more than likely others), the time and effort of clicking the ! button and a Mod clicking THE BUTTON).


( I've seen these alot recently, just thought I'd mention it).

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Well said as always, PCS. Hopefully we won't have too much to complain about tonight.

(BTW, it's still OK to call the Eagles fans/players idiots and morons, right?)

Er...hold on. Have to look at the fine print.


Section 3: Can call Eagles fans names as long as not posting. Unless Westbrook36

Yep. That's a go on that Eagles fans system check. ;)

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I think this is a great post. When I see ages of some of these posters and then the replies they make i'm alittle shocked at how immature people can be.

Too many times we call people we disagree with a "moron" or an "idiot". It's just childish.

We are all Redskin fans and adults. I know its just a message board but try to act like you would if you were having a conversation with someone face to face, that means use some common manners.

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