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49ers giving the Giants all they can handle


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Haha sorry Tom, I really just can't stand these ESPN idiots. None of them gave the Redskins credit for being good but because the Giants beat the Skins that means the Giants are great? How do you call a team great after a beating a team you never gave any credit for being any good in the first place?

I think the NFC East has been declared for 3 different teams this season by the crowd of brain childs at ESPN. Firs the Eagles were going to run away with it, then the Cowboys were back and they were going to win it, now the Giants are a lock! What week are we in?

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I would absolutely love it if the 49ers pulled off an upset today and beat the Giants.

Maybe that would remove lips of the ESPN goons from the groin area of the Giants.

agreed. i hate every team in our division with a passion. i hate eli and would love to see him fail, hes a *****. i wish the commentators would get off his dick too.

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