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Fun with HTML (Redskins Poll)

Khun Kao

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Okay, this style of HTML encoding doesn't work on this site, but I created this poll on a BLOG I write for entertainment purposes....

<B><U>Which football team will win the NFC East this year?</U></B>

<form><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="radio" value="What are you smoking??? Crack with Michael Irvin?!?" onClick="alert(value)">Dallas Cowboys<br><INPUT TYPE="radio"NAME="radio"value="Hmmmm.... maybe"onClick="alert(value)">New York Giants<br><INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="radio" value="No way! They missed their opportunity last year! They're DONE!!!"onClick="alert(value)">Philadelphia Eagles<BR><INPUT TYPE="radio"NAME="radio"value="HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! HAIL VICTORY! BRAVES ON THE WARPATH! FIGHT FOR OLD D.C.!!!! (This is the correct answer!)"onClick="alert(value)">Washington Redskins</form>

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CRAP! The 'answers' aren't functioning....

Unfortunately, I do not have a way to link directly to my BLOG. The URL to the actual BLOG pages is not displayed and I cannot access it via PROPERTIES, either.

I've posted it on an HTML friendly forum (link above), but the actual responses aren't displaying when you click your choice. Dammit, HTML drives me nuts!

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