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Sharpe - Redskins

Boomer - Redskins

Marino - Eagles

Are you sure that Marino picked the Buzzards? He picked Washington on "Inside the NFL" this week. He and Chris Carter both picked the Skins.

If so, I wonder why the turnabout.

EDIT: Actually, on the website, it states that Chris Carter, Marino AND Chris Collinsworth picked the Skins, with only the midget picking the buzzards. However, IIRC while watching the show, Collinsworth and the midget picked Philthy.

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I would normally listen to Jaws before any other analyst. I think he's as good as any other out there right now. The only problem he has ... he can't stop himself from his Philly homer tendancies. So, I listen to him other than Philly games. :)

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normally "experts" hate us so much and stuff i wonder why they finally are respecting us, especially after us losing 36-0 last week you think they would be thinking and saying "oh they were just lucky to start off as good as they did"

Which Experts hate us?

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Actually Steve Young is one of the more brighter players to play in the NFL.

He's analytical, and he also got his law degree in 1994.

I enjoy listening to his commentating

He's white too, that makes it easier.

You really want to add to that with something other than that last beer!

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