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Favre to T.O.: A TD?


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Lambeau is looking lackluster these days.

The frozen tundra is a lot colder than most Cheeseheads remember, and Brett Favre is still perhaps one of the few reminders of the more successful Packers teams of the last 10 years.

He is not Superman, and he can not throw the ball to himself (although I wouldn't rule out him trying). Injuries and an assorted list of other problems have put Favre in an unenviable position. He's the face of an 8-8 team that will not even get that many wins.

The Packers have won one game, and lost to the ranks of the Cleveland Browns and the Good Time Ship Vikings.

Watching Favre frantically try to pull out every game by himself is akin to watching Al Pacino's performance in Godfather III. Every once in awhile, you are reminded of his brilliance, but more often than not, the wretched situation at hand forces mistakes. Pacino was trying to act next to Sofia Coppola. Favre is trying to play football with a second-string team.

Then why, out of nowhere, does everyone's favorite soundbite, Terrell Owens, come out and say that if Favre was the quarterback for the Eagles this season, they would be undefeated?

I know, Favre is great, a Hall of Famer, and a quarterback that while not in his prime, can still light up the scoreboard and make plays most NFL quarterbacks wouldn't dream of making. We're not talking about a washed up Vinny Testaverde out there.

However, Vinny Testaverde is not the Philadelphia quarterback. That position is held by Donovan McNabb.

Now, sure, McNabb has not had the kind of season that makes fantasy players drool. He's questionable for this Sunday's game due to the 1,456 nagging injuries that he's nursing, including a sports-related hernia that will require offseason surgery.

But McNabb surely can't be much better or worse than Favre. It is silly to assert that Favre would have led the Eagles to a perfect record so far. Last I checked, Philadelphia still needed a defense, and if Favre can't play wide receiver in addition to quarterback, he's surely not going to play defensive end.

Once again, this is a case of T.O. opening his mouth for the sake of exhaling all the air contained within in a whirlwind of nonsense. Perhaps T.O.'s only motivation for having Favre as his quarterback is the idea that he would get the ball thrown to him 35 times a game. Sadly, anyone looking at how Favre spreads the ball around to a myriad of different receivers could tell T.O. he would be wrong.

Or maybe T.O.'s current displeasure with the lack of celebration by the Eagles of his 100th touchdown is the cause for these latest comments, which inevitably distance him from his team and organization.

His explanation that the team's success rises and falls with the performance of Donovan McNabb is at least partially true, but his comments then only allude to a belief that no matter the condition of McNabb Favre would still be a better option. It's a sad way to discuss a teammate that you depend so highly upon.

Then again, with T.O.'s mouth running and the Eagles' patience waning Owens might find himself somewhere else in the coming years.

But if he stays in Philadelphia, it begs the question: can Favre be the quarterback of two teams at one time?

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