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Hip-Hop Moves Philly Eagles McNabb


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When Donovan McNabb is gearing up for a big game, which seems to be each one, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said Hip-Hop helps get him motivated.

“I listen to Common, Kanye [West], everybody in Chicago, R. Kelly and what ever he puts out,” McNabb told AllHipHop.com. “I like Beanie Sigel- all of Philly, Philly artists, just kind of [get me going]. Whatever is hot, you know David Banner, Ying-Yang Twins,” McNabb told AllHipHop.com.

The Philadelphia Eagles are battered and bruised in the current 2005-06 NFL season after a failed run at the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Donovan McNabb, the team’s quarterback, has suffered from a bruised rib and a nagging sports hernia and the team’s record is (4-3).

The Chicago native said he’s particularly appreciative of the work from Kanye West and Common, attributing it to the pair’s reliability.

“I mean they just consistently put out good music and you don’t have to worry about just one song, and you don’t hear about them no more,” he said. “They consistently put out good music, music that you can here while you’re out. You just get the CD and you consistently hear things on the album. But it says a lot where Hip-Hop is right now.”

The Eagles are in a precarious situation, where music may be ineffective.

The team’s controversial star wide receiver Terrell Owens has been diagnosed with a sprained ankle and may miss the next two games.

Additionally, the team has been plagued with an imbalanced offense that relies on an aggressive passing game.

McNabb told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he intended to set the team’s tone in the future despite their injuries.

"I'm the walking wounded," McNabb said. "With all of us kind of banged up, it's tough, but I think I'm definitely going to work myself back to a way of getting back out there, and I'm sure [Owens] is doing the same."

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