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It seems that Philly fans (particularly some tailgating crews) plan on invading our lots and setting up camps, particularly noted was the F3 lot. As many of you know, the F3 lot is basically Tailgate Central including big names such as DTC and Extremeskins. Because of this situation, any and all issues have been put aside to work towards the greater good of preventing the the eagles fans into turning our lot into their backyard. The 2 main tailgates are remaining in their normal respective spots, however, a coordinated effort is being put forth to block any and all chances at the philly tailgate occuring within our neighborhood. We are also communicating with a number of other tailgates, and may be able to bring them closer into our area, to create one mega tailgate area.

Per PhillyTailgate:

We will be tailgating in the area of the green lot identified in the map to the right. The actual parking spaces have not been secured, however, a general area has been identified. The area is circled on the map to the right and is designated as F3. There will be an Eagles flag and Old Glory flying high above our tailgate party, so you should have no problem finding us. If you do, please do not hesitate to use the cell phone number I provided...

So what does this mean to you? We need your help. Along with our efforts of vehicle and tailgate placement within the lots, we are also asking any and all Green lot ticket holders to pm us or post in this thread letting us know, how early you can come on ARENA DRIVE before the gates open. What we are attempting to do, is basically get our vehicles in and block any chances that these guys setup in F3.

Help us skins fans.... your our only hope!

**** Please check back to this first post, as it will be continuously updated!! ****

F3: Area to be protected:


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DTC Intel picked this little link up earlier in the week. For the past few days, Pez and the Extremeskins Tailgate executives as well cabinet members from the DTC have been discussing our plan of action.

If you look at this link, they have a gameplan.

So do we.

Like Pez said, we are all Redskin fans, and we all have the same interests here.

The only side effect.............................




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"What is the cell phone number we are supposed to call to see where the tailgate is?"

I assume that the organizer will give that to the tailgate participents.

We know where they are going to try and tailgate. F3. Key word try.

Over mine and a hell of alot of Redskin fans dead bodies they will.

Just thought it might be nice for a few thousand non-participants to have the number also. I'm sure we could pretty much eliminate that number as a useful tool.

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