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WEEK NINE Picks, Pats, and Apologies (Eagles or Skins??)


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Last Week: 9-5

Season: 79-35

Link to last week's thread: http://extremeskins.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123222

Last weeks Pats: I'm actually going to give myself the biggest pat on the back for a game I actually got WRONG! I said the 49ers would make it VERY close and I even insinuated that they'd beat the Bucs, but I didn't quite have the cojones to pick it-- should have gone with my gut. I also nailed the Dolphins over the Saints. Other than that, my picks were pretty "blah."

Lat week's Apologies: Once again, I gotta start with the Giants. They've made me look stupid about 4 times so far this year and they managed to do it again big time last Sunday. I REALLY felt good about the game from a Redskins perspective and it absolutely blew up in my face. Hats off to the Giants-- they finally have my attention. Also gotta tip my cap to the Rams for beating a tough Jags team w/o Bulger, Holt, and Bruce. Amazing what happens when you actually hand that ball off, isn't it?

This Week's Picks:

Atlanta at Miami: The Dolphins have been an odd team thus far. They seem to live on the two extremes of excellence and awfulness. I think they find a middle ground this week and play the Falcons tough, but don't make enough plays to win.

Falcons 23, Dolphins 20.

Carolina at Tampa Bay: The unraveling of the Bucs started last week and will continue throughout the season.

Panthers 20, Bucs 13.

Chicago at New Orleans: The Saints have a pretty easy routine to follow: Win a big game, lay an egg, lose a heartbreaker, lay an egg, win a big game, lay an egg, lay an egg, lose a heartbreaker. I think they're due for a win and the Bears are due for a letdown.

Saints 22, Bears 16.

Cincinnati at Baltimore: I'm really not sure why, but this game screams upset to me. The Ravens played very admirably at Pittsburgh last week and they may carry that momentum over to Sunday. Ravens in a squeeker.

Ravens 17, Bengals 15.

Detroit at Minnesota: Ugh. Dud of the week in every way imaginable. I honestly haven't a clue. I'll go with the team with more to lose.

Lions 21, Vikings 17.

Houston at Jacksonville: This ain't the Browns.

Jaguars 27, Texans 17.

Oakland at Kansas City: The Raiders are playing with a little more swagger, but we all know what happens when one of Norv's teams starts looking good. BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA..............

Chiefs 30, Raiders 27.

San Diego at New York Jets: The most butt-kissed 4-4 football team in history will gain more praise against the hapless Jets.

Chargers 25, Jets 13.

Tennessee at Cleveland: I think this game is a SHADE more interesting than Lions-Vikings. A shade.

Titans 21, Browns 20.

New York Giants at San Francisco: The Niners have been tough at home and the Giants are bound for an emotional letdown after last week. That's why I'm thinking it will be close.........for a half.

Giants 31, 49ers 16.

Seattle at Arizona: The Seahawks have been REALLY solid this year. This is the type of game that the old Seahawks would mess up and leave everyone scratching their heads. I still think those underachieing Hawks are still lingering somewhere inside that team, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Seahawks 24, Cardinals 20.

Pittsburgh at Green Bay: Charlie Batch? Green Bay takes advantage and "stays alive" in the NFC North race.

Packers 23, Steelers 17.

Philadelphia at Wasghington: All week, I've been leaning towards Philly. But here's why I'm taking the skins: If Joe Gibbs REALLY IS "back," the Redskins will win this game. If Joe Gibbs is still lacking something in his return, the Redskins will lose this game. There is NO gray area this week-- the difference between a win and a loss is as extreme as it could ever be. Win= contender. Loss= pretender. I'll go with the belief in old Joe for one more week.

Redskins 20, Eagles 17.

Indianapolis at New England: Awesome theater for a Monday Night. Possibly the most anticipated MNF game in years. I am a big believer in Brady over Manning, but you gotta think, "if not know, then when?"

Colts 27, Patriots 20.

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Yep, at some point it all needs to come together. At some point, we'll have to say he has stopped "adjusting" to the new NFL, and he either has "it" again or he doesn't. This game is bigger for us than it is for Philly, although it's clearly important for both teams. We ALWAYS (and I really mean 100%) lose these games. Either it stops or it continues.................it's that simple.

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