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Who's Your Favorite Guitar Player?


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same here, Stick, I have too many...

Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead even though he's become more of a multi-instrumentalist lately...his guitar style is still innovative, instantly recognizable, and vastly underrated...he'd make my list for the "chunk chunks" that lead into the chorus on "Creep" alone...

Nick Zinner from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the same reasons listed above...check out his guest work on Bright Eyes' "I Believe in Symmetry" and you'll see what I mean...

but, of course, neither one comes close to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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but I also think there are a few guitarists out there who get no credit, like Andy Summers (Police)


the guitar player from Primus seems to have a very unique style... really unlike anything I've heard. Not sure how much of that is Les Claypool's design though. Anywho I dig it. :D

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Alex Lifeson = very underrated player.

That's why I mentioned him. I mean I'm as big a Page, Hendrix and (probably my REAL fave) Eddie Van Halen fan out there. But Lifeson is just overlooked because of Neil's drumming. I think he's the most overlooked guitar player in history. Anybody uninformed about this cat check out "Working Man", "Anthem", "La Villa Strangiato"

Hell, how many dozens of songs does he absolutely tear up? :no:

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