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Bigger Roster/Practice Squad help improve NFL and Skins D?


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The NFL is not like it was 20 years ago, and definitly not what it was like 50 years ago......what I am alluding to is that for the management and especially for the players the season in todays 'game' is just as long as it is for MLB players......yes the season is not as long for 'regular season games'....games which count towards making the post-season......

However if you look at the season as including off-season work-outs (which are basically mandatory for anyone on the team under contract), off-season team meetings, mini-camps, 'camp' and then pre-season games for the majority of Redskin players like say a Portis/Griffin/Brunnel they only really get that short break when their season ends up until the first off-season work-out and then in between small breaks......

My whole point is that because the nfl season of workouts/camp/games is so much longer then it was 20 years ago and because players are so much faster/stronger they are more prone to getting injured......

In MLB team management has a much wider of oppurunity and less restrictions in

bringing up players from their minor-league teams

or signing a player late in the season like a Ricky Henderson for example if they really feel the need to fill a position

or filling a position through trades as they are much more frequent in MLB then the NFL (due to many factors like not having to worry about cap, having surplus of minor league players to bring up and so forth)

And in MLB your team roster at the end of the season going into the playoffs can be changed through bringing up players that are on IR or on your minor league teams if you really need more depth at a certain position.....

Tell me if I am wrong. but it just does not seem that in the NFL the oppurtunity to over come injuries to players is as easy because of much tighter roster restrictions.......

I am sure they have these roster restrictions for competitive reasons in the leauge.......

HOWEVER (now here is my actual point)

With injuries being so frequent in the league and really putting a damper on teams during the season why not:

1. Allow for teams to have bigger rosters

2. Allow teams to have a bigger 'practice squad' closer to a minor league team.

3. Allow for teams to sign more players at the vet minimum onto a practice squad which would not count against the cap so that they have players who know their system.....

I am sure I have made some invalid points, and would appereciate people clearing this up...... :notworthy

The reason I bring this up is that I feel so much is put into the season, by not only an organization but the fans......and to let injuries be such a factor on determining the best team is to me at least, an unncecessary evil........

would widening the roster compensate for an injured TO or a Cullpepper......no not at all.....those losses can not be compensated and are terribily unfortunate to such organizations/fans ;)

but for us for instance.......it would definitly be somethign which would assist us on the D-line and CB position where injuries to basically no-name players (no-name in regards to average NFL fan) has really hurt our D...... :(


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I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I would like to see more options for teams to overcome injuries. But at the same time, I think the current system is good. If you think about it, this is one of the ways to maintain parity. A good team can be a bad team in short order simply after injuries, and a bad team can become good by simply staying healthy.

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I have to start by saying your suggestion that off-season/minicamp workouts somehow factor into injuries is a little too far fetched. Those injured, the off-season workout is perfect for healing and healing much quicker then say sitting on a beach in Miami. Mini-camps are non-contact, so short of aggrevating an existing injury, it's doubtful to create new ones, or even over-stress the body to make it more suceptable to injuries later on. Not to mention training camps are much shorter then they used to be 20 years ago as well. With that said, it's the stronger, faster part included with the much more aggresive defenses that lead to higher injury rates.

But other then having a larger roster limit, nothing is going to do much to help the situation. Having a "practice team" or minor league isn't going to do a whole lot to help the team unless the "minor" team is running with the exact same playbook. On top of that, the cost of running something like that would far out weigh the benefits. Not to mention the major disadvantage the lower earning teams would face. Teams with more money would be able to handle a much higher talent level as backups.

It was just a few years ago that the league lowered the inactive list from 8 to 6 and that took a lot of convincing to get it done. Anything drastic isn't going to happen any time soon.

But a nice thought for a Redskins fan!

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Well, I always thought that the trading deadline should be later, because at the point where it happens now, most teams are still in the hunt.

As far as injuries go, I've thought that a team should receive a "credit" on the cap for guys who go on IR. It probably should be a fraction of the player's salary, and probably shouldn't be used on contract extentions to existing contracts, but on aquiring players. That would also make trades a bit easier for teams that need a player.


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