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NFC East - Looking ahead


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Team W-L Conf Div

NY Giants 5-2 4-1 1-1

Dallas 5-3 4-2 2-1

Washington 4-3 4-1 1-1

Philadelphia 4-3 1-2 0-1

Those are your NFC East standings as of today. Lets go through the remaining schedule and see if there are any advantages out there.


Home (4): Minnesota, Philadelphia, Dallas, Kansas City

Away (5): San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington, Oakland

The G-Men should cruise through the next 2 weeks (@SF, Min) to stand at 7-2. Then things should get very interesting. The could easily lose the next 5 games to come into Washington at 7-7. That five game stretch (Phi, @Sea, Dal, @Phi, KC), all against playoff contenders, will determine the Giants season. Three wins in those five would leave them sitting pretty in the playoff race heading to the rematch in Washington. They’ve had the easiest schedule to date of all NFC East teams.


Home (4): Detroit, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis

Away (4): Philadelphia, Giants, Washington, Carolina

Dallas has a lot of pressure on them to win out at home. All 4 of those road games are going to be very difficult. They have a very tough December (@NYG, KC, @Was, @Car). They’ve played the 2nd easiest schedule to date, and their strength of victory is last in the NFC East (from NFL.com)


Home (5): Philadelphia, Oakland, San Diego, Dallas, Giants

Away (4): Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Arizona, Philadelphia

The Washington Redskins may just have easiest slate of games left. The vast majority of their tough games are at home. You could make an argument that they will be favored in 3 of the 4 remaining road games. That said they need to get some big wins at home, beginning this week against Philly. To date the Redskins have played the toughest schedule in the NFC (tied with San Francisco), and the 2nd highest strength of victory (behind the juggernaut 49ers).


Home (5): Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, Giants, Washington

Away (4): Washington, Giants, St. Louis, Arizona

Philly’s season could be determined in the next three weeks (@Was, Dal, @NYG). Three losses and they sit at 4-6, and they may need to run the table to make the playoffs. That said, besides the two divisional road games, they have two road games they can win. Home games against Seattle, and the NFC East will be key for their playoff hopes.

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According to records, we do have the easiest schedule left. It all depends how much stock you put in team records but we should be able to win 3 of the last 4 away games (Ari, Stl, and Tampa) and win at least 3 of the 5 remaining home games (Phili, Oak, Giants). Heck even Dallas and San Diego can be beat at home too. I think we split with all 3 division rivals though and finish 10-6. BUT if we can sweep the cowboys or philly, we are looking at 11-5. Either way i think we make the playoffs. MUST win 6 more though.

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Yea I was at work this week breaking down the scenarios myself. I think your on the money with everything. I see the giants and cowboys dropping 4 of their remaining games. The Eagles will lose 2 possible 3. And The Redskins losing just once more on the road because they've made a committment to "protecting their house".

Redskins 12-4 Eagles 11-5 Giants 10-6 Cowboys 9-7

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