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Hope You Guys Beat The E-Girls!!


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We will.....And the Giants are in line for some too!!

Hopefully next time....:doh:

This will be a very intresting year in our NFC East....well 'Skins good luck...

btw every once in a while I'll check in with you guys for some good old fashioned "clean" trash-talkin....I promise I won't hit under the belt unless it's a certain individual who are @$$holes:cheers:

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Hey as long as you aren't one of the fans who gets upset at the fun we have here, you are more than welcome. Don't worry, we usually aren't the bunch that takes cheap shots. All in good fun. Unless we lose, then watch out!

Go ahead hit me below the belt, i have a steel lined cup on

*puts dukes up* :nana:

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