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It's official... 11/20/05 KDawg WILL be at the game!


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KDawg is going to be at the 11/20 Oakland Raider vs. Washington Redskin game with his Dad.

I gotta say, I absolutely can't wait... I just hope this doesn't fall through... This will be my very first home Washington Redskins game...

I feel like I'm 12 years old right now...

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I'll be there...Dad and I will be coming in the night before...none of that traveling down on the day of the game crap.

I drove up and back from Greensboro, NC on the same day... Alone... 5.5 hours each way... Also did if from Little Rock to Dallas twice... Alone once.. I don't blame you at all for comming down the night before...

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Looking forward to meeting you KDawg....it's weird I thought you were at the Frisco game and I played you in beer pong......oh boy :2drunks: .....my bad

Do you and your dad like Scrapple ;)

You are confusing KDawg with JDogg. JDogg is Dana's (DKS1240) friend. I know it all runs together after 15 beers... :D

Look forward to meeting you KDawg. :cheers:

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