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which redskin player never fulfilled his potential..?


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of all the redskin players we've seen over the years,which player do you think had all the potential to be a great one but just never materialised and ended up being a flop or nowhere near as good as u thought he would be?

a few spring to mind for me...

ricky ervins-his rookie season fooled me!?

micheal westbrook- was being touted as the new micheal irvin

heath shuler - enough said.looked real good in his 1st action against atlanta

tom carter-should have learnt more he only had darrell green there?!

theres plenty more but these certainly spring to mind

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Howard fell very short. And of course Westbrook and Shuler. No coincidence these are the years where the franchise declined. If we actually had a stud QB with two playmakerrs along side, maybe the 90's would have been more successful.

Now, PR will be in this group. It's hard to forecast a happy ending in DC for him.

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here's the list for reference: :paranoid:

2004 Sean Taylor FS Miami (Fla.)

2003 No Pick -- --

2002 Patrick Ramsey QB Tulane

2001 Rod Gardner WR Clemson

2000 LaVar Arrington LB Penn State

Chris Samuels OT Alabama

1999 Champ Bailey CB Georgia

1998 No Pick -- --

1997 Kenard Lang DE Miami (Fla.)

1996 Andre Johnson OT Penn State

1995 Michael Westbrook WR Colorado

1994 Heath Shuler QB Tennessee

1993 Tom Carter DB Notre Dame

1992 Desmond Howard WR Michigan

1991 Bobby Wilson DT Michigan State

1990 No Pick -- --

1989 No Pick -- --

1988 No Pick -- --

1987 No Pick -- --

1986 No Pick -- --

1985 No Pick -- --

1984 No Pick -- --

1983 Darrell Green DB Texas A&I

1982 No Pick -- --

1981 Mark May T Pittsburgh

1980 Art Monk WR Syracuse

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Shuler and Westbrook by far, Desmond Howard was never a pure WR in college, so for him to stink it up in the NFL was not a big surprise to me, that was just a bad pick IMO.

Everybody remember

Reggie Brooks

Marvcus Patton

Kenard Lang

Rod 50/50

Mark Carrier


Chad Morton

Bobby Wilson

Sterling Palmer

:eaglesuck :dallasuck :gaintsuck

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Shuler may have been the biggest disappointment, but truthfully he didn't have much in the way of potential. Even in the best of circumstances, he was too dim and his hands were too small for him to have ever belonged in the NFL.

Westbrook had all the physical skills except durability. If he'd only had a brain.

The one player who could've truly been much more under better circumstances - probably Frerotte. If he hadn't done the stupid head-butt, or been hung out to dry on the worst OL in the NFL (Shar Pourdanesh, etc.) in '98, he might've developed into a solid starting QB.

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howard, schuler i expected nothing out of him, why ? because we released every viable o lineman from the year before and he was not a qb brought up in a pro style offense. we had the no.1 pick and the only qb were schuler and the t dilfer . we should have traded down and p'u more picks. howard was supposed to be all that but was a big dud, i didn't want to trade our 2 1st round picks to get howard. i wanted us to stay put and get a cb by the name of troy vincent. could you imagine, d green and t vincent? ohh well no use in wasteing time on woulda shoulda coulda.one thing that does seem to be apparerant is that the skins have been wiffing on draft day from way before ol danny boy got here.

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Schuler has to be the top in my book but.....

Geff George...oh, that's right he fails to fulfill his potential everywhere he goes. Ok, Deion Sanders.

Bast comment I ever heard about Deion was a sports caster who said "I wish I could buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth."

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