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You are right we are just 2 plays away from 2-5, we are also 2-3 plays away from 6-1. New York is the only team that has flat out beat us in every way. There are no 2 ways around that either. Don't get me wrong, you have a valid point, again it's all in the perspective. I give you credit for not being the typical dallas fan. You are a gentleman. You can respect talented players when you see them. I am a huge Parcells and Jones fan. You guys made some great moves in the off season that will ensure a heated rivalry for years to come. Now that we've gotten past all the pleasantries... DALLAS SUCKS!!!

Again, I've been sittin here thinking about the same thing, Dallas could easily be 7-1, but like I also said, there were some real close ones we pulled out, so it evnes itself out. It has definately evened itself out.

I think that you guys might not be as good as the early start would have indicated, but this week will definately show alot about your team. Gibbs knows what he's doing, for the most part, so your team will be prepared. Now its a question of if there really is enough talent on your team.

I think bagging on your front office is completely correct. We've had terrible drafts for years now, so have you. The onlky thing tha twill save this previous draft of yours is if Campbell really turns out to be as great as Gibbs thinks he is. He's done it with alot of different QB's, but with Brunell and Ramsey already on the roster, I don't think that a QB was nessecary this year. I would have run with Brunell, and waited to get someone like Kellen Clemens next year.

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