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After last week's loss I am a "___________."


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It was one freakin game my man--one game. You know what can happen in the NFL from week to week. Did you see Baltimore almost pull out the victory in Pitt w/o Ray and Reed?

We've got to all collectively put this loss behind us and move on. It was ugly, it was disheartening. But, have a little faith that this coaching staff will put together a game plan for the Eagles and address some of our issues.

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...me too neighbor (right next door to you in Ansonia). I even had the friggin' UPS driver coming into my office at work and giving me ****. Nice sig by the way...

Excellent!!! Now I know 5 Redskin fans in the valley. :party:

I take great pride in my photography. ;)

diehard skins fan. screw the haters.

I think most of us are diehard Skins fans. We're just trying to have fun after an ugly game last Sunday. :doh1:

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cement mixer for you baby, a churnin' urn of burnin' funk- james taylor

no really i'm a - little more realistic about the challenges the Skins face in the tough schedule this year, particularly the games in our division. I am proud that the NFC east is once again the powerhouse it used to be.


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