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Wow, We got beat


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And I don't mean we got beat, we got BEAT.. not just beatdown, but we got beat UP.

Does any one know what the news is on all our injuries yesterday? We really got beat up.

I know there were several hits that I saw that made me squirm in my seat because I've felt those before playing for my high school team. The hit in the head to Portis, and the one that knocked Cooley out of the game. Those things ring your bell and that's why they didn't come back into the game.

When you get in in the side of the head like they did, it all goes black, you can't move no matter how hard you try (although you may still technically be concious), and you get this tingly feeling with a excrutiatingly painful headache for a little while. As you regain your vision after the quick initial black out, you see these little stars and you have no balance. Your equalibrium is all screwed up.

So when I saw that, I had to squinch. I felt the pain they were going through just from seeing it beings I had gone through that same thing.

What's the latest on all the guys that got banged up yesterday?

Very relieving news on Samuels that I saw on the main page. It says there was not ligament damage and that he's day to day, wich is great news considering what we feared. Thank God it's not worse.

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