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Best player of the game....


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Gotta give it to Ryan Clark...only Redskin that shined sunday. Great game Ryan but it's a team sport...wish the rest of the team would have played like you came out to play.

Here's his stats:

11 tackles 1 Int.

Again great game Ryan HTTR. We got Philly next week focus needs to shed towards them.

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I agree SkinsNeverDie! Ryan Clark really showed me something yesterday. He really lives up to your user name. I wasn't big on Clark before that game, but I am now. I wasn't a Ryan Clark fan before, but I'm a Ryan Clark fan now. He was our silver lining in yester days game.

You have such a great username, I think I should say it over and over again...

SkinsNeverDie! SkinsNeverDie! SkinsNeverDie! SkinsNeverDie! SkinsNeverDie!

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Ryan Clark. I really liked his post game comments too. He was very vocal about how embarrassing a loss it was, for the fans, the organization, the coaches, the players, a complete embarrassment. He had some humility. Other guys were like "they out played us, they were the better team, they showed up, etc" I don't want to hear that kind of talk!

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