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New Aerosmith Cd Review: "rockin This Joint" Live


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I couldn't find a poor review for this one. If you're a fan, this sounds like a "must have".


bgleft.gif0ni62ud0.jpgMedia Credit: sonymusic.co.jp

When Aerosmith collides with Las Vegas´ Hard Rock Hotel, sparks fly.

5 Stars


Rockin\' the Joint


The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas provided a unique venue for Aerosmith to make a high-octane, turbo-charged live album, Rockin\' The Joint. Although they were recorded during the band\'s 2002 tour, the 11 cuts selected for the album from a 24-song set sound just as fresh as the day they were played, showing why live records like this have made Aerosmith a true rock legend.

The album opens with "Beyond Beautiful" from the band\'s 2001 album Just Push Play, which sets the tone for this compilation by bringing together some of Aerosmith\'s newer material. Also evident on this track are the prevailing killer vocals of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry\'s signature electric guitar. At a respective 57 and 55 years old, these men prove that age is only a number by delivering the high energy sound heard throughout the band\'s career.

Tracks like "I Don\'t Want to Miss a Thing," which was featured on the soundtrack of the blockbuster Armageddon, and "Walk This Way," which was most recently seen during the halftime show of Superbowl XXXV, provide a huge incentive for younger fans to buy this album. But in listening to this entire 58-minute-long disc, it is clear there are many gems.

"Rattlesnake Shake" is a Fleetwood Mac cover that has one of the sweetest guitar solos by Joe Perry, making it a treat for those who didn\'t get to take in the entire live experience of this show.

The overwhelming reality that Aerosmith maintains so much of it\'s "It"-factor after decades of performing is particularly noticeable here, yet it continues to resound and tremble throughout every other track as well.

For diehard fans, one of this collection\'s major selling points is the fact that it chronicles the first showing of live tracks for five songs including "Beyond Beautiful," "Light Inside, "Seasons of Wither," "No More No More," and "I Don\'t Want to Miss a Thing." A new dynamic is prominent in these tracks, a dynamic that can only be understood by being at a live concert.

While the album itself is essential for fans, the DualDisc version, which contains both the entire CD in DVD-audio and four performance videos, is highly recommended. The live videos for "No More No More" and "Draw The Line" are impressive, but the exclusive performances of "Sweet Emotion" and "Dream On" are even more incredible, making this format truly special.

The reason that Aersomith\'s popularity has survived throughout the ages is evidenced awesomely by its live performances. The incredible sound of the crowd roaring throughout Rockin\' The Joint allows listeners to feel the energy that live music brings to fans.

The rock genre, in particular, thrives on the credibility that artists gain through live performance, making CDs like this necessary for a band like Aerosmith. Even though the entire set for this concert was not released, this album still stands as a pillar of live recording at its best.

The songs are played with a verve and energy that rivals even studio cuts, and the crowd aspect does not overpower the band\'s performance but rather enhances it. This is no comeback record for Aerosmith; it is simply another jewel in the crown of an illustrious and timeless career.

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