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Skins schedule has been deceivingly difficult


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A lot has been made of our "easy" schedule. So far, I think it has turned out to be one of the more difficult in the NFL. I am not just talking about the records of the teams we have faced, but the timing and location...

1. Bears. Don't look now but 4-3 and atop the North.

2. Dallas. 5-3 and always a difficult, if not impossible to win game for us.

3. Seattle. 5-2 and atop the West.

4. Denver. 5-2 and atop the AFC West. Always difficult to win in Denver, even when they are mediocre.

5. Kansas City. 4-3. This was a horrible time to get them... coming off 2 losses, and after a bye. Statistically almost always a loss.

6. San Francisco. Our only easy one to date.

7. New York. 5-2 and atop the East. Not only did we get them away, but of course the week their long-time owner dies.

So of the seven, 4 lead their divisions, and of the 3 that don't, one has our number and one was just horrible timing.

Couple this with a week 3 bye and I think we have cause for a conspiracy theory...

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the truth, though, is that if this team didn't turn the ball over like the Cardinals used to do with us, the Redskins could and should have won the Denver and KC games.

you can't give games away in this league.

now, the injury bug has hit the team and we are without some critical performers being at 100%.

if we had taken care of business in those other games, the loss to the Giants on the road wouldn't be of such concern.

but now there is no margin for error.

the Redskins have to win this weekend against the Eagles.

make no mistake about it. we can sit there and talk about going 6-2 after starting 4-4, but the reality is to be a player in the NFC East we have to hold serve and win this game at home against Philly.

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i thought i heard somewehre taht to this point we had the 2nd hardest schedule so far under maybe like NE or something along those lines (if im wrong, sorry i just thought i heard it). our schedule IMO has been that hard though and its not gettin any easier. IMO we have 4more games that we SHOULD win (tampa w/o griese, oakland, st louis, and arizona). so i think if we win 2 more in our division, we should be ok. but i dont want to look ahead, all thats on my mind as of now is philly and i really really really want that game, its almost a must especially after the way we played yesterday and back to back losses against division rivals are always real tough and devastating for a team.

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Think of what the media would be saying if we were 7-0 with an easy scheduale...talk about worst 7-0 team ever. But our record does not lie...we are what we are...a 4-3 team at the bottom of a freakin division...kinda wish we were in the nfc north now...but this will only toughen our players up.....hopefully.

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The Bears really should have been an easy game too. 3 of their wins came against divisional opponents. Since their divisional opponents are the packers, viking, and lions, this isn't very impressive. Oh and their other win was against the 2-5 Ravens. Basically, they have a good enough defense to beat bad teams.

I actually think this kills your theory, though. There is nothing deceptive about the Broncos, Cheifs, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Giants. Everyone knows they're good. The Bears were the only part of the schedule that's perceived as easy, and since they aren't truly difficult, it's not deceptive.

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