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MRI on Samuels is negative. He said he will play come Sunday. Looks like we have trouble on the DL. Griffen, Denials, Salavea (spelling?) all hurt and day to day.

Well at least looks like Lavar will be in for a whole lot of plays because we will run the 3-4 now. We have to. Lavar cut the crap and play like we all know you can. I want to see McNabb flatter than a pancake at least 5 times and Westbrook to say WTF was that type of truck that hit me. No more miss tackles like last game.

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That is good news because even though Samuels has been up and down all year, we have nothing behind him. I hate to say it, but the coach I've been least impressed by so far has been Buges. Even when we max protect, we can't always protect the qb.

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