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Chins up guys.

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ill refer to my old post:

Oct. 30 @ Giants 1:00pm ET FOX / 708 LOSS Interesting one...But Eli's getting it together and i think they will roll us over.

and the replies i got (i wont mention usernames):

I agree with most but we WILL beat the Giants both times.

the Giants rolls over us Come on.

I sincerily doubt the giants will beat us.


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are you a giants fan or something?

i dont see why you are happy a bout it, we need to take this and use it as a building block and for motivation though

Right on!

what the hell is this thread supposed to do? tell us were stupid for saying the NFL's second best offense and 4th best Defense will win against the NFL's 15th best offense and 31st ranked defense?

cmon give us a break. not only was the stats in our favor. not only were we coming off a big win. WE ARE REDSKINS FANS!!! of course we think our team is gonna win!


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