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Weird Sunday all around the league and Good news ,bad news


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Philly gets blown out. Tampa Loses at SF. Rams without 4 offensive starters beat a good Jags team. New England almost loses at home to Buffalo.

Bad news is we stuck up the joint in New York.

The good news is we are still in the thick of things and need to beat Philly.

Hopefully this will come as a wake up call that we can't become complacent.

Blowing out San Fran may have gotten the players a lil too ****y.

Needless to say, Philly is a must win game.

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NFC is greatly improved this year, last year the NFC teams were getting killed in all the AFC vs NFC games, which is why at 5-9 the Redskins still had a chance of making the play-offs. Thats not going to happen this year, 10-6 is a must to make the play-offs this year and that might not even be good enough if you lose a tie breaker.

3 teams in the NFC South are 5-2, everyone in the NFC East is over .500, it looks like the play-offs in the NFC is going to be, 2 teams from the East, 2 teams from the South, and just the winner from the North and West.

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