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Anatomy of Blowout- Defense


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They say that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. With that in mind, these next few days I'm going to take a closer look at what the heck went wrong in Sunday's game. The plan is to go through defense today, offense tomorrow, and then coaching/special teams on Wednesday. One other thing to mention is that there is no way measure emotion. It was pretty obvious from watching the game that the Giants wanted this way more than the Redskins. Watching Khary Campbell just give up on that play on the goal line was sick. The emotion issue has been done to death, so I'll be avoiding it in these posts.

On Friday's post I wrote " On outside runs look for the Giants to head to the left side. They have much more success on runs to the left, which coincidentally is where the Redskins struggle most." Now from the NFL play by play

(14:53) T.Barber left end pushed ob at WAS 16 for 57 yards (S.Springs).

(14:09) T.Barber left tackle to WAS 1 for 59 yards (R.Clark).

(1:39) T.Barber left tackle pushed ob at WAS 25 for 14 yards (R.Clark, M.Washington)

(14:47) T.Barber left end to WAS 15 for 18 yards (S.Taylor)

Sensing a trend here? In total of Tiki's 206 yards rushing, 190 of them came to the left side. That's ridiculous no matter how you slice it.

So who the hell plays on the left side? Obviously with Gregg Williams' defense its not always the same guys. But for the most part the guys who are over there are DE Phillip Daniels, LB Warrick Holdman, CB Walt Harris, S Sean Taylor. Since the majority of these plays go to the outside, Daniels is off the hook.

So that leaves 3 player miss assignments and need to get it together. Harris is small and can get shoved out of the way by most physical WRs, Toomer and Burress fit the bill. Perhaps Carlos Rogers will see more time in the future. Holdman quite frankly doesn't make plays. The guy needs to play perfect positionally to have value. If he's missing assignments, its time to take him out. Holdman is on pace to make 34 tackles this year. Last year's starter at the position, Lamar Marshall, made 69 tackles in only 14 starts. Sean Taylor is another big disappointment this year. On a lot of the big plays, you see him taking the wrong lane or missing tackles. For such a big guy, he needs to make more tackles. I think it will come with Taylor, but these big runs are killing the Skins.

So there it is, the main problem for the Skins, run to the left. If you go back further in the season, you see its a trend on most of the long runs (one of Tatum Bell's long runs went to the right side, but Sean Springs was out that game). Gregg Williams and crew need to plug this leak before this season sinks.

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I wish I had the benefit of game film, I love studying that stuff... The left side of our defense... I'm curious to know who was on the left side on all of those runs... If it was the same personnel or if it was different...

My guess was it was the same personnel, and the Giants purposely designed plays/packages to get that personnel to that side of the football field.

Anyone with the game tivo'd that could let me know who A) Was the OLB B) Was the DE and C) Was the CB to that side?

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I think if you saw phillip daniels holding up that point of attack then you would see the entire left side of our defense stiffen. That defensive tackle is the cornerstone of the left defense. To get outside, you have to go through the DE, and phillip daniels has been pushed out of the way consistently.

Not saying the problem is all daniel's fault, just pointing out that he has a role to play in these plays.

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