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Calm down!!! It was one game. Now if this turns into a everyweek thing then be worried. The skins were brought back to reality. Everyone was on a high from last week(myself, media, fans). I am pretty sure the coaching staff has as told the team to not get to caught up in what they hear or read.

The Skins are not 52-17 good and they are not 36-0 bad.

The Skins are a keep it close all game and don't give up the big play type of team. When we get back to that type of football we will be back on track. We got away from this for 2 games now. I'm pretty sure the coaching staff will be all business this week. In the film room and on the practice field.

I am willing to bet that we won't see another sorry performance like that again.

This coaching staff will not allow it.

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Did the person who posted this thread realize how much was on the line Sunday?? Does he realize how much confidence this gives opposing teams preparing to play the skins? You can forget a loss in a close game, but this game showed every vulnerable point on this team. Head coaches will take this Sundays film and show his players how to beat us. To give up several runs for 50+ yards in several games is not a blue moon, it is repeating itself over and over. The overhyped defense demonstrated its weaknesses, and has finally caught up to us. I agree this team has improved, but far from being a playoff team unless changes are made, and now. Both offensive and defensive lines were just crushed by NY. With the Eagles struggling, we could have put some space in the division, and we are now tied in last space. It always starts with good line play, giving the qb time to pass, and lanes for runners to run in. Ladell Betts fumbling the kick off was just a joke. How did he fumble anyway? With the chance to get back in the game, he ended any hope with that fumble. They better strap it on next Sunday, because the Eagles will be looking to get back in the race. If they don't the season will be over, that's how important the game was.

yes i do....but this was an OCTOBER game on the road....now as i stated earlier...if this CONTINUES...then there will be cause for concern....I EXPECT this team to continue to improve...this isnt by ANY MEANS a finished product.....chalk it up and move on...go back to work and IMPROVE...thats all you can ask ANYBODY in any walk of life....because if they dwell on this game just like YOU are...then the season WILL be over....

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